Lead JS Engineer

Fluence Labs invites innovative minds to join our mission: reshaping the future of computing. We're pioneering a decentralized, serverless platform where developers unleash the full potential of blockchain economics. At Fluence, we're crafting a world beyond traditional cloud computing—global, permissionless, and infused with unparalleled scalability and security. This is where serverless development meets limitless creativity, allowing for the seamless deployment of applications, backends, APIs, and digital services, all free from the confines of central intermediaries.

Who You Are

As a developer passionate about JavaScript and decentralized tech, you're ready to dive into blockchain-powered computing. With strong technical skills and a collaborative approach, you excel in solving complex challenges independently and innovatively. You're quick to learn new technologies and methodologies, bringing technical expertise and creative problem-solving to the team. Fluence seeks developers with technical depth, adaptability, and a proactive attitude to contribute to our decentralized platform.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

As a key Javascript Developer at Fluence, you'll be at the forefront of democratizing application development. You'll spearhead the Fluence JS initiative, enhancing the developer journey into our ecosystem with intuitive, powerful tools. Your role is pivotal—enabling developers worldwide to harness the power of Aqua for building groundbreaking web tools and decentralized applications.

  • Innovate and develop cutting-edge tools aimed at simplifying developer onboarding and enhancing their journey within the Fluence ecosystem.
  • Take ownership of FluenceJS, driving its evolution to meet and exceed developer needs.
  • Craft decentralized web applications that leverage the full spectrum of Aqua's capabilities.
  • Design sublime developer experiences that resonate and engage.
  • Engage with our vibrant open-source community, gathering insights and feedback to continuously refine our offerings.

What We Look For:

  • Profound understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem, with extensive experience navigating its tools and frameworks (NPM, Babel, Parcel, Webpack).
  • Demonstrated expertise in project design and architecture on a large scale.
  • A solid grasp of UX principles, aiming to create seamless and intuitive user experiences.
  • Exceptional communication skills, capable of presenting ideas clearly and engagingly.
  • A preference for type-driven design, ensuring robust and reliable software solutions.
  • Proficiency in NodeJS and WebAssembly.
  • Familiarity with decentralized storage solutions like IPFS or networking libraries like LibP2P.
  • A background in distributed systems or P2P networks, with an understanding of intricate WebRTC flows.

At Fluence Labs, we're not just building a platform; we're setting the stage for a revolution in computing. Join us in this journey and make your mark on the future of decentralized applications.

Steps in our recruiting process:

  1. Submit your application, including a couple lines on why you think you would be a good match for Fluence. It would be great if you review the documentation in advance
  2. Share your story on a call with PeopleOps to get to know each other and understand our culture
  3. A technical discussion with our leads for 60 minutes (we suggest scheduling up to 90 minutes) + Coding test
  4. System design Interview with our cofounders and talk about your aspirations, our vision, and how they match
  5. Meet a few other people from the team to get to know our culture and values (optional)
  6. Offer

Location: Remote

Commitment: Full-time

About Cloudless Labs

At Cloudless Labs, we are working on new decentralized network protocols to make the internet more open and secure. We believe that open source and open protocols enable better technology for the future of humanity.

Cloudless Labs is a distributed team of engineers residing across the US, Asia, and Europe. Our culture is remote-first, self-managed, and we value transparent decision making and an open source ethos.

Our primary project is Fluence, a decentralized serverless platform & computing marketplace powered by blockchain economics. Fluence is a global, permissionless, scalable, and secure alternative to centralized cloud computing platforms. Using Fluence, developers build and deploy applications to a network of compute providers, who compete on price and performance and, to be paid and earn rewards, they constantly prove that they are serving applications.

We are looking for new great additions to the Cloudless Labs core team. We would like to speak to people who are interested in decentralized technology, empathetic, humble, passionate about their work, and strive for excellence. We expect that candidates are experts in their field, keep up to date with recent developments, and are excellent communicators, both in oral and written form.


  • Competitive compensation and equity options
  • Remote-first, work from home or use a co-working space of your choice
  • Friendly startup environment: no bureaucracy or time tracking
  • We will provide you with anything you need to learn, grow, and be more productive