Cloudless Labs

Cloudless Labs is a privately owned company that has designed the Fluence project and is launching the initial version of the network. Prior to finalization of the Fluence protocol, the team has conducted and published the research on trustless computing, p2p architectures, and virtual machines; hosted community events, hackathons, and surveys.

Fluence Project

Fluence is the open-source, permissionless, decentralized serverless platform & computing marketplace powered by blockchain economics.

Fluence is a community-driven project. While the initial code is being developed and maintained by Cloudless Labs, it has no governance authority over the network and no more power than any other community member. The community is open, so feel free to start discussions or take any role to participate. Many implementations of the protocol might co-exist and be delivered by different teams.

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Cloudless Labs has secured funding from various investors to develop and launch the network.

  • 1kx
  • Blockchange
  • Distributed Global
  • Multicoin
  • Protocol Labs
  • Tiger Global
  • and more